Homebuilt Equipment & Galloway Engines will be our 2018 feature

WMSTR’s Gas Engine Area is featuring Galloway and related engines for 2018.

If you have any questions regarding your Galloway related items for display at our 2018 show, please contact Ron Frigstad at 612.418.9256 or


In 1901, after 3 years of literally learning the business from the ground up, William Galloway established his own farm implement dealership in Waterloo, Iowa.  “Big Bill”, however, was an ambitious man with a  clear vision for the future.

In 1905 the cornerstone for the William Galloway Company of Waterloo was the manufacture of a sulky that allowed the farmer to ride behind his harrow and maintain control his horses.  Galloway’s next big thing was his improved manure spreader and his mail order business was off and running.

The addition of the “Galloway Success” stationary gas engine manufactured in southeast Wisconsin led to the July 19, 1909 purchase of the Thomas Cascaden Company and its Davis engines and patents which were rebranded as Galloway.  These hit and miss engines ranged in size from 1¾ H.P. to 16 H.P.  A 1 ¼ H.P. Handy Andy was introduced in 1926.

In the summer of 1910, Galloway built the “Galloway Agricultural Club.  Prospective and existing buyers got free room and board while they toured the factory and learned how to operate and maintain their engines and equipment.

By 1912, the company was the nation’s largest supplier of all types of farm-related goods.  The primary sales tools were the catalogs and individual sales promotion pieces. Almost 3,000 pieces of advertising per day left the Waterloo Offices.  From 1906 to 1912, it is estimated that Bill Galloway spent over $ 2,000,000 on advertising.  His “THE HOUSE THAT DIVIDES THE MELON” slogan was recognized worldwide.

In 1924, overextension caused by the economic slowdown and the default of an order for the Bearcat Tractor led to a creditor reorganized business called THE GALLOWAY COMPANY with Bill as a figurehead president.  Bill Galloway was able to rebound and in 1927 formed “Galloway & Sons” with his two boys. The two companies competed until the late 1930’s.

“Big Bill” Galloway passed on November 10, 1952, at the age of 75.

Along with the Galloway Engine Features, we are also showcasing homemade equipment!

Anyone who has made or knows of someone that has made a tractor /equipment and would be interested in bringing it to Rollag would be great.  The more we can get, the better the show.


Dennis Peterson

cell:  701-680-1328 (Please leave message if no answer)

Sharon Peterson

cell:  701-680-1361


Jim Briden

cell:  701-789-0815

Bob Clarke

cell:  701-429-3948

Leaha Clarke

cell:   701-306-8301