Education Depot


HEAR YE, HEAR YE!!!   In accordance with the mission of the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion (WMSTR) and the cause so desired by the University of Rollag associated with, but not directly tied to, the College of Steam Traction Engineering in conjunction with the Long Range Planning Committee, the Education Subcommittee of the WMSTR Board of Directors announces the formation of the Rollag Institute of Past Technology, aka, RIPT, majoring in  “Rollagology” (the study of all things Rollag)!!  


What in the world does that mean??


The weekend of July 13th, 2019, will be reserved for an educational opportunity available for a limited number of people.    On a first come first served basis 45 students will be able to attend, three, four-hour classes in areas related to WMSTR.  The 2019 subjects are blacksmithing, period correct advanced grain separation technologies, and stationary internal combustion engine maintenance and operation.  All will be taught on Steamer Hill.  A four hour “free time” will be available on Sunday afternoon for students to return to their area of interest to visit with instructors or travel home.  A summary of topics and class itinerary are laid out below:


Upcoming Educational Classes