Frequently Asked Questions:

This is a list compiled together of the most commonly asked questions around the show grounds either during, or before the show.  If you cannot find your answer here, please contact us.

  • May I Bring A Golf Cart To The Show? We have many shuttle wagons for people to move from place to place during our show, including handicapped-accessible shuttle wagons that we encourage visitors to use. If you have a state-issued handicapped permit, you may bring a golf cart to the show, however, you must attend a safety meeting for the use of the vehicle and provide the following information to obtain a special vehicle permit from WMSTR: Copy of state-issued handicap permit, certificate of insurance showing you are covered for liability on our showgrounds, a copy of your driver’s license. WMSTR does not rent golf carts/personal vehicles. A $20.00 application fee for the permit applies to everyone who brings a personal vehicle on our grounds.

  • Does WMSTR Have Church Services? Yes. We offer a Catholic service on Saturday evening in the Assumption Church eat shack and a Non-Denominational service in the Nelson Building on Sunday Morning.

  • How Many Tractors Can I Expect At Your Expo? While WMSTR hopes for a banner expo or features each year, there are many factors that can influence the number of exhibits that arrive on our showgrounds. The cost of fuel, hauling, weather, and availability/scheduling of exhibits, especially those that are hauled from outside our immediate area are all subject to these variables.

  • Will My Exhibit Be Safe? Before, during, and after the show, WMSTR has a Posse from Clay County onsite 24 hours a day to handle any issue that might need police assistance, including patrolling the grounds during the day and at night. They are at our show to help ensure the safety of our guests, our members, and our exhibits.

  • What is WMSTR’s Tax Status WMSTR is a 501(c)3 organization. This means that we are a strictly non-profit organization. Our members receive no compensation for working at our show, or travel time, mileage. All monies received by the show are used for the preservation and development of our show.

Does WMSTR Offer Camping?
Yes! Rollag has a large primitive camping area. Camping is on a first-come, first-serve basis. No reserving camping spots. Camping does fill up quickly. We have room for about 800 campers (depending on size etc) plus some added overflow if needed. You may pull in and set up camp until 9 pm. After 9 pm, you will be directed and staged at the Clay County Posse, near the main campground entrance for entry into the campgrounds when we open the next morning.


What Is The Cost Of Camping/Visiting?
Camping is $50.00 for primitive camping. This is a ‘per-camper fee. There is a gate fee, which is $30.00 for a season pass (all 4 days). Daily passes are $15.00 per person. Children 14 and under are free with a paid adult. The season pass is good for the entire show. The $50.00 camping fee is good for the duration you are camping. 


When Can Campers Arrive At WMSTR?
If you are camping at WMSTR, you may arrive starting the Monday before the show. There is no added cost to camp pre-show, however, visitors are not allowed on the show grounds until the show starts on Friday. This is for the safety of our guests, as many exhibits are still being set up and unloaded during this time. You may be asked to exit the show grounds if you are exploring pre-show. Please understand this is for safety reasons.

  • Visitor showers open Thursday before the show and meals for Visitors are available starting Friday morning of the show.


Does WMSTR Offer Power/Water/Sewer Hookup For Campers?
No. WMSTR does not provide power, water, or sewer services at individual campsites. There is an RV dump station located near the exit of our showgrounds for your use upon leaving. Additionally, there is a septic service that is on-site during the show and will empty your tank for a fee. You must contact them for further information.


May I Bring A Generator?
Yes. You may bring a generator. There are quiet hours between the hours of 11 pm and 6 am when we ask that generators NOT be used, unless for medical/health reasons. If you fall into this category, please let the campground staff know this when you arrive.


Are There Handicapped Camping Spaces
Yes. There are a number of spaces near the main entrance gate to visitor camping that are easily accessible for those needing extra assistance getting around. These spaces are relatively flat areas without hills to traverse.


Are Pets Welcome?
Yes. Pets are welcome in the campgrounds, but NOT on the showgrounds.  Service dogs are exempt. You must keep your pet on a leash at all times, ensure they are not causing a disturbance to other nearby guests and you must pick up after them. WMSTR does not have an official dog park’ to exercise your pet, however, you can get in a good walk around the campgrounds and meet your fellow campground neighbors in the process.

Pets are not to be left unattended outdoors or in your passenger car. If we spot a pet in danger from heat, we will take measures to ensure that the pet is safe. (We will page the vehicle’s owner, and involve proper authorities to enter the vehicle if the pet needs to be removed.)


Are Campfires Allowed?
No fires may be present in the Visitor camping at any time.

  • I Am Exhibiting At WMSTR, How Do I Register If you are bringing exhibits to our show, you may sign up for our ‘Special Event Membership’ The cost is $30.00 for the duration of the show. You may pre-register and mail your information until August 20th, or you may register when you arrive at the showgrounds. Our gate staff will point you in the right direction. If you have a tractor or parade item, don’t forget to register that too.
  • Does WMSTR Have A Flea Market/Swap Meet No. WMSTR does not have a swap meet or flea market on our showgrounds. We have had several discussions on this topic, and there are no plans in the future to hold one on our showgrounds.

  • Does WMSTR Allow Food Vendors No. WMSTR does not allow outside food vendors on our grounds. All of our food stands are staffed by our volunteers as well as local church and community groups. We have no plans to allow external vendors on our showgrounds.
  • Does WMSTR Have Handicapped Restrooms? Yes. Our bathroom facilities are handicapped accessible. If you are having difficulty locating a restroom, please contact one of our volunteers for assistance.

  • How Can I Pay For My Stay At WMSTR? We accept checks and US Currency at the main gate. Some of our stands, such as the merchandise locations accept credit cards. We also have ATMs onsite for your convenience.

  • Are Roads Clearly Lit and Marked? Yes. The main roads on our show grounds are well lit at night, as well as our exhibit areas. There is ambient light in the parking lots, and campgrounds from nearby lights. Our main exits are clearly marked on the main roads Our main entrance/exit is our West Gate, which is only a hundred feet away from the railroad water tank. There are many unique features to help mark your location on our grounds as well as the map of the show grounds in your brochure (as well as posted on the grounds)If you are camping with us, we have shuttles running into the camping areas in the evenings as well. These areas are lit, but not to an extent to cause difficulty sleeping. The main entrance/exit for the visitor camping is clearly marked and lit.

  • What Does WMSTR Offer For Food? WMSTR offers a wide array of food. Starting Friday of the Show, many of our church stands offer full meals during the day, including excellent breakfasts. These are some excellent home-cooked meals that many look forward to enjoying each year! We have some stands with fry bread, ice cream cones, and other stands serving hot dogs, hamburgers, taco-in-a-bag, and many other good eats. We offer Coke products on our show grounds, as well as other snacks such as popcorn and candy. The prices vary from $1.00 up to $9.00 or $10.00 for meals.

  • Does WMSTR Have First Aid On The Grounds Yes! In addition to having medical services provided by Hawley EMT services, we also have a number of volunteers with varying degrees of training in CPR, First Aid, EMT, etc. If you are in need of medical services, please go to the Administration building if possible. If not, please contact one of our volunteers and we will contact assistance for you.