Registration & Forms


2022 Registration Forms:

2022 will be available shortly!

Listed below are the forms required for becoming a member of WMSTR, or being an exhibitor (one-year membership) at one of our Features or Expo events, and the required application/registration form if you wish to bring a personal vehicle to our show.

You may print these forms out and hand-write them in, OR, you may download the forms to your local computer and use the Adobe PDF Reader to type in your information and print it out.  Please note, downloading is the most effective way to do this, as some web browsers such as older versions of Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge, do not allow fillable PDFs to work correctly.


Lifetime Membership Form: Please use this form if you would like to become a member of WMSTR.

Special Event Membership: Please use this form if you would like to be an exhibitor at one of our events, and obtain a 1-year special membership, but not become a lifetime member of WMSTR.

Existing Members:

Annual Registration: Please use this form to register for the upcoming show.

Camping Renewal: Please use this form to renew your campsite permit for the current year.

Volunteer Time Sheet:  Please use this to submit your volunteer hours.

Special Vehicles:

Please use this form if you need to apply for use of your personal vehicle on our showgrounds. (Golf cart, ATV, etc)  Please note that we do have shuttle-wagons and other means to get around the grounds.  We have an increasing number of personal vehicles each year, which become a  distraction to our show.  Please only request a permit if you have a specific need.

Special Vehicle Permit – WMSTR MEMBERS ONLY

Special Vehicle Permit – Guests/Exhibitors

Parade Form

Please use this form if you are showing an exhibit in the parade.  This is important to complete as it allows our Parade Announcer the ability to correctly call out your exhibit and details when you drive thru the parade. If you have been issued a new 4 digit laminated parade number, you do not need to re-submit this.  (2017 or 2018 was the first issue of these new parade numbers)

Parade Form


Donation Form

If you are interested in donating something the WMSTR, Please download and use the form below.

Donation Form