Registration & Forms


2019 Registration Forms:

Listed below are the forms required for becoming a member of WMSTR, or being an exhibitor one-year member) at one of our Features or Expo events, and the required application/registration form if you wish to bring a personal vehicle to our show.

Please download and fill in the relevant forms and return it back to us.


Lifetime Membership Form: Please use this form if you would like to become a member of WMSTR.

Special Event Membership: Please use this form if you would like to be an exhibitor at one of our events, and obtain a 1-year special membership, but not become a lifetime member of WMSTR.

Existing Members:

Annual Registration: Please use this form to register for the upcoming show.

Camping Renewal: Please use this form to renew your campsite permit for the current year.

Volunteer Time Sheet:  Please use this to submit your hours if you do not do so online.

Special Vehicles:

Please use this form if you need to apply for use of your personal vehicle on our showgrounds. (Golf cart, ATV, etc)  Please note that we do have shuttle-wagons and other means to get around the grounds.  We have an increasing number of personal vehicles each year, which become a  distraction to our show.  Please only request a permit if you have a specific need.

Special Vehicle Permit – WMSTR MEMBERS ONLY

Special Vehicle Permit – Guests/Exhibitors