2021 Feature

In 2021 we will be featuring Oliver & Hart-Parr engines along with Otto gas engines!  We will have a large collection of featured items on display with these three big names! Please see below for details or visit our Community Forum for details.

Hart Parr Tractor
Oliver Tractor

Oliver & Hart Parr Feature details

The Xo121 will be our big-ticket display item from the Floyd County Museum in Charles City, Iowa.  It is an experimental tractor testing high compression heads and higher octane fuel. We also hope to have the Little Devil from the collection in Crosby, ND in attendance.  It is believed to be the only running Little Devil left in existence that we know of.

We will also be recreating the boot strap test demonstration that lifted a Hart Parr up on its own power. We will be doing multiple plowing and harvesting demos using Oliver and Hart Part equipment and hope to have a great turnout of all things Oliver and Hart Parr related.