2019 Case Expo

We are excited to be hosting our 2019 Expo, featuring J.I. Case equipment and implements.  We’ll have an array of exhibits on display from gas tractors, assorted implements from the J.I. Case company, and steam engines including the newly built 150HP Case steam engine.

Join us at our Expo Banquet!

Click here for details, as limited tickets are available.  

Case Expo Activities

  • The Case dynamometer tests Friday through Sunday.
  • Daily parades
  • Threshing with Case equipment every day 10 am through 5 pm
  • Chopping corn every day
  • Baling straw with a Case hand wire tie hay press in between Threshing
  • Saturday 1 pm to 4 pm field demo (steam plowing and all other farm operations) weather permitting
  • Friday afternoon the Case 150 sawing at the Thick and Thin sawmill
  • Saturday afternoon the Case 150 will be sawing at the Briden Roen sawmill
  • Sunday 1 pm Case 150 pulling steam engines up a grade (weather permitting)
  • Hands-on demonstration on fixing a Case power shift all 4 days of the show