2024 Feature

2024 Expo Committee
2024 Expo Committee

Greetings Fellow WMSTR Members & Enthusiasts!

The 2024 Planning Committee is looking forward to an exciting show this Labor Day weekend!

WMSTR will be hosting many one-of-a-kind exhibits that have not yet been seen at Rollag from the early days, venturing into the tractor industry as well as the New Generation line. There will also be fan-favorite exhibits which have visited Rollag in the past, such as pieces from the Don Dufner Collection (including the “830 Special,” Triple ‘D’s, and other rarities).

Anyone interested in exhibiting anything related is encouraged to plan on having it at the show to share your piece of history on Expo Hill.

A feature banquet will be held on the evening of Saturday, August 31st at the Mainline Bar & Grill in Downer, MN. More information regarding banquet registration will be forthcoming.

Content submissions for the ’24 show book should be submitted to Alex Swanson (apswanson@hotmail.com) as soon as possible.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please contact Patrick Donegan (701-866-7470 or patrick.j.donegans@gmail.com) or Alex Swanson (701-540-8930 or apswanson@hotmail.com).

A Facebook group (“WMSTR 2024 – Feature Planning) and thread on the WMSTR Community Forum have been created, so feel free to participate in the discussion on those platforms. (links below)