Steam School


University of Rollag

University of Rollag Steam School is held Father’s Day weekend each year at Steamer Hill. It is a two-day course designed to provide the fundamental training, both hands on, and classroom to prepare new (or not so new) steam enthusiasts to be safe operators, and provide important information to aid them in preparation for their MN Hobby Boilers Exam.

During the course, you will learn the key points to safely operate a steam engine, and also learn the history and inner workings of the engines. In addition, there are ‘hands-on’ sessions each day with our veteran operators to answer questions and provide some time on an engine to learn how they work. Students have the ability to practice on the Prony Brake, run an obstacle course and get up close and personal with the engines. While the course does not satisfy all the MN state requirements to take your test, it is a solid foundation on which to build your knowledge from. WMSTR is the only training approved by the State of Minnesota not provided by a State-run entity!

If you are interested in signing up for steam school, you will need to contact Tom Hall at the address below. If you visit our show each fall, it is suggested to register at that time for the following year at the Administration building, as class often fills up by Saturday (sometimes Sunday) of the show.

Tom Hall
PO Box 999
Moorhead, MN 56561