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Log your hours below for your Active member hours. Simply fill out the form and they will be sent to the fabulous ladies in the Administration Building!

Your submission will be E-mailed to the Administration office when you click the submit button. Submissions are tracked, so please hit Submit only once. Hours must be submitted prior to the start of the show to be considered for current years show. Any hours submitted after the Thursday before the show will be counted towards the following year.

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* Note: If you are submitting multiple projects, please use a new form for each area worked (ex: 353, Groundskeeping & Pabst work should be on their own forms)

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You may submit hours up to one month ago from today's date. You are not allowed to submit hours for the future, or submit hours for time worked on personal exhibits and/or camping spaces. - Total hours submitted will be displayed on the next page, and in the confirmation email.