Special Vehicle Application


Online registrations for Personal Vehicles, Shuttle Wagons and Parade/Tractor information will be available until Thursday, August 20, 2020. After this date, you will need to complete the registrations at Steamer Hill.

Note: You will need an electronic copy of of your Proof of Insurance to complete the online registration. You can scan in your paper copy from your insurance carrier, or request that they E-mail you an electronic copy.

Please carefully read the rules and guidelines for operating a personal vehicle at the WMSTR showgrounds during the show. You must check the acknowledgment box at the bottom of this page to continue. Your typed name at the end of this registration process will serve as your acceptance of these rules, and understanding your Personal Vehicle usage may be revoked if the guidelines are not adhered to.

At the end of this process, you will have the option to print out your confirmation of registration. You will need to print this out and bring it to the Admin building for your vehicle sticker. The print out may not be used in place of an official vehicle sticker.

A $10.00 fee is required for every personal vehicle registration Must be accompanied with Certificate of Insurance

IMPORTANT: Certificate of Insurance must list WMSTR as the certificate holder

Current Coverage dates and Liability Limits MUST be listed on this certificate.

This Certificate of Insurance must be presented every year. (electronically uploaded in this form)


Hours of Operation: 5:00 AM to 10:00PM – NO DIRTBIKES ALLOWED

Safety is the MAIN concern. ALL operators must wear a current safety ribbon and attend a safety meeting.

Current permit MUST be visibly displayed on the front window of enclosed vehicles OR back of other vehicles.

You will park in designated parking spaces while on show grounds, and avoid driving in the Restricted Areas except during the allowed time periods.
Pedestrians have the right of way.

Speed must be reasonable for the conditions and the crowds. Be courteous.

Vehicles used after dark MUST have at least a functional head and taillight.

All vehicles must have adequate mufflers, as determined by a Director or Safety Committee Member.

No motorized vehicles allowed in the HORSE AREA.

The person who registers this vehicle is responsible for any liability from an accident if used by another person; WITH or WITHOUT their permission.


In case of willful or flagrant violation of the rules of WMSTR, as determined by Security or any Director, the vehicle will be impounded by security AND NOT RELEASED until you leave the grounds when the show is over.

By signing this vehicle permit application I agree to:

A) Attend a safety meeting
B) Abide by all rules & regulations as stated in any Directive or other written document approved by the Board of Directors.

Date: 11-25-20