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What People Are Saying About Us

  • My kids and I try to come every year. We live in Wahpeton ND and don't have too far to travel.

  • Great show.Have been a member for a few years. Wish I could be more active. Drove campgrund shuttle bus last year and plan on helping during the 2010 show. Been to steam school and helped out at a few father day weekends. Been going to Rollag for about 40 years. My Grandpa took me for the first time when when I was 8 years old. Plan on coming to help out on fathers day to help out. See you there.

  • I heard about this event from a clerk in a sporting goods store in Tucson, Arizona. I was telling him about my plans to attend the Minnesota State Fair, and he said I would also enjoy the WMSTR in Rollag. My friend and I are interested in old farm equipment, and your event sounds very enjoyable and informative. We plan to attend this year.

  • I go to Rollag every year and every year its like going home again, even if its only for a weekend

  • WMSTR is the best show I've ever been at. I have been coming Sence 97. Every one is great at WMSTR. So nice.... Over 2000 members/workers working and giving there best to make the show possible. God bless WMSTR.