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What People Are Saying About Us

  • This is a very well put on Show, very educational & very interesting to all who come and spend the day or weekend, i look forward to coming as often as i can, i try to come every year. thank you for all your hard work

  • I have been going to Rollag since I was 2 years old, it never gets old and now I get to share it with my son!!!

  • have enjoyed rollag for maney years and will for maney more

  • Hope to make it back its a long way from Michagan

  • Rollag is the standard all other shows are set against... I have no idea how you keep it all moving forward, I'd hate to be your president, but kudos to that person! The bussing in the parking lot is really nice to have. The steam collection at Rollag is second to none, the only other show in MN that has a good number of steamers is Nowthen. Would love for threshing displays to keep going all the time if possible. How about having some people nearby that have a sign saying "Ask Me!" if you have questions... It's hard to approach the engineers at times as they're busy! Really like the farmstead and horse power as well and the railroad is awesome.