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What People Are Saying About Us

  • Rollag is a yearly tradition. I've been going since I can remember. I look foward to it every year. I do miss the book stand that was in miniature land. It would be great if it made a come back.

  • I would like to see the Minneapolis Moline show agian. I am only 17 and I went in 2002 to the show, but I was to young to care back then. I mean I was nine, and wasn't seeing the point of the show. Now I would love to return to see the MM shows agian. I know my whole family would come to see the show again if it was Minneapolis Moline. We have a MM 670 super that was bought brand new by my grandpa, and now he passed away so we got it. It is just a passion and a hobby. Thanks for your show and your hard work. Keep it up!

  • Rollag is always during our wedding aniversary. This year we will be there Lord willing for our 42nd. Would like to see a bigger flea market and interesting things for the women. Maybe some folks could get their heads together on this. Like maybe a thing like at county fairs for home canning or a big Quilt show with prizes. We could maybe build a frontier women's and family special building. I guess I wouldn't mind donating a little money or even time to make this.

  • awesome place to visit at the end of summer - need two days just to see everything!

  • More shuttle services are needed. More seating for the parades are needed. More places to sit everywhere are needed. We have an old schoolhouse we will donate if you can move it.