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What People Are Saying About Us

  • There isn't a stranger at Rollag - there is such great comaraderie! What a fun couple of days.

  • i loved rollag. i hope to be there next year

  • Fabulous. The only gripe is in the last couple of years the camping fee increase(s) have caused us to stop making it a family tradition of camping for Thur,Fri, and Sat. Changing it to a simple day trip on Friday. The 14 and under free is a great family incentive. I have started our engineering department making a (once every three year) regular group day event at Rolla. This is a great opportunity for young (and old) engineers/technicians to see how things can and have been done. Thank you for the efforts

  • Great show.Have been a member for a few years. Wish I could be more active. Drove campgrund shuttle bus last year and plan on helping during the 2010 show. Been to steam school and helped out at a few father day weekends. Been going to Rollag for about 40 years. My Grandpa took me for the first time when when I was 8 years old. Plan on coming to help out on fathers day to help out. See you there.

  • It has been years since I have been back to Rollag. I don't remember too much about it from my childhood. But what I can remember are the fun times I would have with my parents. I remember watching my dad in the parade as he drove his Oliver 88 and looking so proud to be in it. I remember picking out worms during the plowing deminstration. I even remember the nights camping and not being able to wait till morning and hating when it was time to go. I hope to get back soon to visit. You guys always put on a great expo, and one that puts a wonderful impression on young minds.