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What People Are Saying About Us

  • The Steam Threshers Reunion has been and still is a long time family activity. Now being 51, it was at the Steam Threshers Reunion that I remember having my first "soda" orange, it was. I think I might have been about 8-10 yrs old. My cousin Lisa (Hilde) and I were walking around, and I remember she asked me if I wanted some soda, and I asked her "what is that?" At that time, I had such bad allergies to grain dust and hay, we called it "hay fever" back then. Oh, how I did not want to go anywhere near that dust, as I would sneeze and puff up for days! Thankfully, as My Grandpa Cora Syverson once told me, you will out grow it, and I have. It sure took long enough! Oh and by the way..... I do not drink pop today.... I prefer to teach 'traditional foods' and how our Great Grandparents ate, far healthier and cheaper too! Grandma would be proud as I show others how to make soap and make butter, the "new fangled way!" Becky Christensen or

  • The re-union is my gateway to a day of total immersion in the world of obsolete machinery. It's a fantastic exhibition because the equipment is working and doing what it was designed and built to do. It takes me a couple of days to mentally return to the 21'st century - sort of like jet lag.

  • I have been a member sence 1982 and spend as much time at steamer hill as I can and realy injoy things as they have been in the past years. Maybe a old time swop meet on the grounds or some where in the neighbourhood would be a good atraction.

  • Need to add rommegrot to the services offered section. A well run show just seems to get better every year with out a lot of effort. Heard alot of positive comments about the campground shuttle buses.

  • Every year i look forward, coming to Rollag just to refresh my meamorys of yesteryear gone by, its wonderfull to see so many hard working, deadicated people to keep this event alive, MY THANKS TO YOU AND EVERYONE ONE ELSE FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK. WE love coming to your show, I can't say enough.