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Endowment Fund

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The Endowment Fund continues to grow. The balance in the account as of December 31, 2009 is $64,591.55. The grant funds awarded to WMSTR since the fund began six years ago totals $5,480. These funds have purchased two tv/vcr’s, contributed to the paint for the train, and provided funding to replace the shingles on the log cabin in the pioneer village. The committee has received approval from the board of directors to use the 2008-2009 grant funds for the construction of permanent directional and educational signs to be strategically placed on the grounds of the annual reunion.

As the principal balance grows each year, so does the interest payment back to WMSTR. The family of William A. Nelson has donated the proceeds from the sale of the last 50 books Stories and Poems of the Hills and Homes of Rollag to the WMSTR E F. The 229 page book, published in 1983, offers unique insight into the rich history of the Rollag area and the people who settled there including the Nelson family. Of special interest in the book are several poems written by Mr. Nelson about the early WMSTR threshing days. The books sell for $25 - contact any EF committee member or inquire at the Ad Bldg during the reunion to purchase a book. Thanks to William Nelson's family for this generous donation!

HARTLEY'S CHALLENGE 2010 PAYMENTS ARE DUE AND PAYABLE ANYTIME. Please send your annual $100 to WMSTR Endowment Fund PO Box 9337 Fargo, ND 58106. Statements of giving will be mailed to all HC participants. To date, 84 members have taken or met the $100/10 years challenged by EF Committee Chairperson Hartley Ellingson to grow the fund quickly. 2,000 members giving $1,000 over the course of 10 years will total 2 MILLION DOLLARS! Just imagine what WMSTR could do each year with the interest from 2 MILLION DOLLARS.

The EF Committee is looking for members who would be interested in working at the Endowment Fund booth during the four-day reunion. There are openings all four days and the shifts are for two hours. This would be a perfect opportunity for members who are unable to physically help in other areas. Knowledge of the EF is not necessary, just a passion for WMSTR and sharing that passion with others who want to ensure its future success. Please contact Lori Jury at 701-845-1558 or if you can help out! 

Have someone special who is hard to buy gifts for because they seem to have everything? Please consider a gift to the Endowment Fund in their honor. EF memorial cards are and donor cards are available for giving in memory of loved ones also. These items are available from any committee member or at the Ad Bldg during the reunion.

The EF Committee is comprised of 10 dedicated members appointed by the WMSTR board of directors. Currently serving are Chairperson Hartley Ellingson, Bill Nelson, Erna Ellingson, Arnie Ellingson, Ilene Osten, Mark Kuhn, James Stewart, Karen Stewart, Cliff Lura and Lori Jury serves as committee secretary. Gary Muhl serves on the committee as WMSTR board representative.